Many scholars believe our experiences shape who we are and memories of those experiences are equally as important. When I think back about the moments in my life that have shaped me, I always come back to the kitchen table. The heartbeat of the home and family. The place where we come together. It is where dinner is made and homework is done. The kitchen table is my work station. It is where I go in the morning to drink my coffee and mentally prepare for the day. But what is it about the kitchen table that is so important? 

To me, the table has always provided a feeling of nourishment. The table holds the food I cook that nourishes my family. The table is the setting of all of our special occasions and memorable milestones. The table, to me, is the foundation of love.  

I started this blog as a way to share my journey around the kitchen and my love for food and its presentation. As a working mother and wife, I want to share with everyone my easy, yet sophisticated entertaining tips and tricks, along with some pretty little plates in between. The table is the foundation of my journey that I want to share with you. Buckle up!